2019-2020 Stillwater PTSA Board of Directors

Get to Know Your 2019-2020 Board!


Hi, my name is Monique Linz and I have twin daughters in 4th Grade, a son in 1st Grade and a son in Preschool. I’m a stay at home mom who wanted to be involved with my children’s education so I jumped right into the PTSA world when my daughters were in Kindergarten working on SAW and our Holiday Bingo. I had such a great time being involved that the following year I decided to join the team as the Fundraising Chair! I’ve enjoyed all the FUN fundraising has allowed me to have but I’m super excited for my new journey as President. Welcome Back Hawks!

My name is Lindsey Tolson and I have a son in 6th Grade, another son in 4th Grade and a 2 year old daughter. I joined the Stillwater PTSA board in December of 2014 and have since been honored to serve on the board as president, treasurer and vice president. This year I am excited to return as Treasurer for Stillwater PTSA and President for Riverview PTSA Council. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and I worked as an industrial engineering manager in Seattle for 7 years before leaving to project manage the Tolson household. I just recently went back to the corporate world as a project manager for Amazon, it’s going to be an interesting year trying to keep all the balls in the air. But I absolutely love this community and Stillwater so I am up for the challenge!

Hello! My name is Chelsea Krause and I’m excited to be a small part of the PTSA Board this year as Vice President. I have identical twin sons named Bryson and Colton in second grade this year. We have been at Stillwater since my sons were in kindergarten and I’ve loved getting to volunteer as much as I can both in my sons classroom and during PTSA events. I am always so blown away by the time and effort the PTSA puts into our school and the amazing fundraising goals they shatter every year. I’m looking forward to seeing what our community will do together in the coming years and am excited to be a part of it!!

Hi, my name is Carmen Love and I’m happy to be returning as Membership Chair for my third year and Social Chair for my second year! I love overseeing events and doing fun things for the kids. I have a 5th grade son and a 3rd grade daughter. We have been at Stillwater since the beginning and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I’m so thankful for the PTSA and what it provided to our kids and our community! I look forward to meeting new people and sharing in our PTSA and Stillwater adventures!

Hi, my name is Lori Rush and this is my first year serving on the board as co-chair of Membership and Secretary. I have two daughters, Kendall in first grade and Josie, preschool. Last year was our first year at Stillwater and I was so impressed with the staff, kids and community at our school. The PTSA is a big part of that and does so many things to help provide our kids with additional opportunities and positively enhance their learning environment. I am excited to contribute to the continued success of our amazing PTSA in this role.