Greetings Stillwater Elementary Families! Thank you for visiting our membership page.

The Stillwater PTSA is proud to support the staff, students and families of Stillwater Elementary. The more members we have the greater impact we can make to have our voices heard and support the children and staff at Stillwater Elementary.

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Did you know, if you are a PTSA member you get $5 off your yearbook? Our yearbook order form will be up and running soon so you can take advantage of that discount!

By purchasing a PTSA membership you also have access to discounts offered through Washington State PTA. Click here to be redirected to WAPTA's website and check out the discounts offered.

Staff: $10      Single: $12   Two-Person: $20



Do I have to renew my PTSA membership Annually?
PTSA Memberships expire on October 31st of each year.

If I get a PTSA membership through another school, am I automatically part of the Stillwater PTSA as well?
NO! Each school’s PTSA is separate from each other.

Do I have to Volunteer if I sign up to be a PTSA member?
We love our volunteers, but you do not have to volunteer to be a member and you do not have to be a member to volunteer!

Does being a PTSA member get me discounts?
There are national and regional discounts available for PTSA members. Click here to see them. In addition, Stillwater PTSA provides discounts at all our events for PTSA members. There is also a $5 discount per yearbook for PTSA members!!!

Stillwater PTSA Is Better With You! 

2019/2020 Year In Review:

  1. $5,000 in Field Trip Grants
  2. $19,000 on Playground Equipment - down payment for the replacement of large playground that before COVID was planned for the summer of 2020
  3. $9,700 in Staff Grants
  4. We were 318 PTSA members strong last year and won a WSPTA award for 100% staff membership.

Total Raised: $53,000*

*Our total income for 2019-2020 was impacted by remote schooling last spring and the lack of our spring fundraiser, the Hawk Walk. But we cut back on planned expenses to end the year where we needed to.

Where Does the Money Go?
Field Day, PBIS, Talent Show, Moms & Me, Dads & Donuts, Assemblies, Training, Dance Lady, Staff Appreciation Week, Popcorn, Kinder playdate, LEGO Night, PE/Music/Library/Art Enrichment, Classroom Gifts (supply money for classroom teachers), Legislative Assembly, Playground Upgrades, Staff Grants, Field Trips, All Arts Day, AND SO MUCH MORE!**

**Please note that the 2020-2021 school year will be unlike any other year we've experienced before. Our budget that was approved in June 2020 was based on "normal school" and will be revamped before the September general membership meeting. To see our budget numbers visit

Become a member of the PTSA: Not only will you be supporting the school and programs through PTSA, you will personally benefit from joining.

Top 10 Reasons To Join The PTSA:

  1. Membership provides a connection between school staff and parents.
  2. Discounts provided by WA State PTA at places like Great Wolf Lodge, Rental cars, FedEx Office, McCaw Hall, Silverwood & Wild Waves.
  3. It supports our vision of parent involvement and community cohesion.
  4. Your child benefits…research proves it!
  5. Membership provides a bigger voice in our community.
  6. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!” – Helen Keller
  7. When you join PTA, you support local, state, and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.
  8. Receive access to the student directory.
  9. Discounts to Stillwater PTSA events and programs throughout the year, like yearbook and concession stands!
  10. The number one reason is your kids need YOU!!!

Donate to the PTSA and/or the Bob Scharer Scholarship Fund, Sign-up for PTSA Volunteer Opportunities, and Request a PTSA Membership Scholarship

Membership Tracker: 

2019-2020 Membership Count: 318

2020-2021 Membership Count: 200

2021-2022 Membership Goal: 220