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Classroom Goals for Hawk Walk 2017

The PTSA Hawk Walk will occur on Wednesday, May 17th. Full details regarding the Hawk Walk and prizes can be found on the fundraising envelope that also went home in kidmail the first week of May or online. For the Hawk Walk, each class has been given a goal based off of the total number of students in each class. If the class hits their goal, they will win a Snow Cone Party, the date will be coordinated with the teacher. Below is the complete list of classroom goals. If you have any questions please reach out to Monique Linz or Lindsey Tolson at fundraising [at] stillwaterptsa [dot] org. Please make sure to check our Facebook page in the weeks leading up to the Hawk Walk for updates on the classroom and school goal progress (Stillwater Elementary PTSA).

Materi K 21 $461
Sprague K 21 $461
Dice K 20 $439
Rogers K 22 $482
Crouch 1 24 $526
Keefe 1 25 $548
Hund 1 25 $548
Olson 2 23 $504
Craig 2 24 $526
Skaug 2 23 $504
Heinson 3 24 $526
Epps 3 25 $548
Morman 3 24 $526
Anderson 4 26 $570
Fridenvalds 4 26 $570
Liljegren 4 26 $570
Marchel 5 25 $548
Arnold 5 26 $570
Farnworth 5 26 $570
 456 $10,000

Classroom Goal Calculation
: Classroom Goal Calculation: Our goal is for the school to exceed $10,000, which makes the goal per student approximately $22. All classroom goals were set taking the number of kids in each class and multiplying by $22. On the fundraising collection envelope, it is listed that the suggested minimum fundraising goal per student is $30, this allows us to account for the impact of historical participation rates. During the Hawk Walk last year, our participation rate was 59%. With a $30 minimum fundraising goal per student, that is planning closer to an 73% participation rate. Which we realize is far above our actual participation rates from last year, but $30 is the highest minimum we have found the majority of parents are comfortable with. We are working towards encouraging more students to participate this year and those students who compete for the top earner spots help us reach our goal as well.