Fall Grant Season!

***PTSA Grants***
The PTSA loves to give grants! Every year we plan in our budget, PTSA Grants. These grants apply to the entire school force. We get requests from our specialist team, teachers, office staff, and more. These items may be things that are not normally budgeted for the district or just items they think will help your student’s day-to-day. Last week we were able to award our Stillwater staff with a check for $4,927.72! Thanks to the success of the Hop A Thon and the vote at our General meeting on Jan. 13th, we are also able to open a 2ndgrant season for Spring!!! Thank you to our Stillwater Families for your generosity, these grants would not be possible without you!
Grants Awarded in Fall Include:
*Flexible Classroom seating
*Whiteboards for Kinders
*Library Tubs for book display
*Updated Science books for the library
*Double Squeeze machine for the sensory room
*Play Set Kits for first grade
* New markers for Art Classes
*Non-Fiction books for 3rd grade
*Dramatic Play and Block for 1st grade
*Ipad Charging docks
*Crisis Connection for our School Counselor