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Hawk Walk – ONE DAY LEFT!


Hawk Walk Results for the 3rd Day of Counting are here!

As a school we are close to the half way point, we are at $4,506!!! One more day, we can do it Hawks! We are at 18% participation, so we have lots of room to grow tomorrow and knock this goal out of the park!! We are almost at the half way point because we have had several large donations come in for students vying for the top earner spots!

Reminder on prizes:

1) All students who fundraise more then $30 are entered into a drawing to win a fun prize! Drawing will occur on the Thursday morning announcements.
2) The Top 2 Earners per grade will get to play Human Bowling at the Spirit Assembly this Friday (must bring back a signed permission slip and their own helmet). They also get to have a pizza lunch with Mr. Madigan!
3) If the school hits the $10,000 goal then 31 students (5 students from each grade, except 6 students for 4th grade) will be randomly selected for a really fun relay race against the staff; from a pool of all students that fundraised any amount of funds. If a student is selected that doesn’t want to participate then they can nominate a friend to take their place. As long as the school hits the goal, these students will be announced tomorrow after the Hawk Walk ends at 3 pm. They will be given a permission slip that must be returned by Thursday, May 18th.


Here is the current leader board for the Top 2 Earners per Grade:

K – $200, tie with $100
1st – $150, $75
2nd – $125, $115
3rd – $200, $150
4th – $75, 3 way tie with $50
5th – 2 way tie with $100

Visit our website for more details and to donate online:

If your class has hit their goal or are close to it, and you haven’t participated yet, please know that our 2nd and least grant season of the year for the staff at Stillwater is currently open and we have received double requests then what was budgeted at the Hawk Walk hitting $10,000, so any extra funds received from the Hawk Walk will go to good use!