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January Featured Volunteer of the Month: Jen Anderson

Congratulations to our January PTSA Featured Volunteer of the Month, Jen Anderson. Jen was nominated by Michelle Berens and voted on by the Executive Board.

Here are a few things that Michelle had to say about Jen:

Jen has been an amazing Co-President of the PTSA for the last year and a half. She’s helped to build the board and is always available with a smile and can-do attitude. She’s moving into a new adventure and a new school that will be lucky to have her. I hope she knows how much she’s meant to the current board and Stillwater at large.”

Jen and her family are relatively new to the area. They moved to Duvall in 2014. She and her husband have 2 boys, Cole who is in 3rd grade at Stillwater and Trevor who is in 5th grade in the parade home school program. Jen has volunteered at Stillwater for numerous events since she first moved here. She enjoys helping out at the dances and also with SAW because “it is fun to give back to the teachers and staff that do so much for our kids”. For the last year and a half she has been sharing the President role with Lindsey Tolson. 

 Here is what Lindsey had to say:

“I met Jen about 3 years ago when she was new to Stillwater. That year Jen was the go-to volunteer we counted on, every event or activity we had, she was there volunteering her time. Towards the end of that school year, when the outgoing PTSA board was not having any luck finding incoming presidents, Jen wanting to help out however she could, offered her services. That is when she asked me to team up with her and be co-presidents. It has been a wild but truly rewarding ride leading the PTSA with Jen over the last year and a half. We have both learned more than we ever thought we would about raffles, playground equipment and non-profit laws. While serving as co-president Jen has had to jump in MANY times last minute to cover a volunteer spot so the event or activity didn’t get cancelled. She has been a HUGE asset to Stillwater and the PTSA and we are going to miss her. Thank you Jen for your years of service and for going above and beyond to support all the students at Stillwater.”

Besides volunteering at Stillwater, Jen has also been an active leader in the Boy Scouts from July 2015 thru September 2016. Under her leadership they saw the first grade Tiger den grow to the largest den in the pack by encouraging active participation, not only with the other leaders but with families as well. When she is not volunteering, Jen spends a big amount of her time homeschooling her oldest son Trevor. In her free time, she also enjoys reading a variety of books, especially fantasy. When asked what she was most excited about with the move, she said she is really looking forward to warmer weather!

 Thank you Jen, for all the things you have done for Stillwater and the PTSA.  Thank you for all the little details that you put into everything you do.  We wish you the best of luck as you move towards the next chapter that life brings your way! When you see Jen at the school, make sure to congratulate her and thank her for all she does for Stillwater Elementary.

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