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March 2018 Featured Volunteer of the Month: Dani Graham

Congratulations to our March Featured Volunteer of the Month Dani Graham!

Dani Graham was nominated by Ulrike Staerk and Lisa Cardenas and voted on by the Executive PTSA board as our March Featured Volunteer of the Month.

Dani and her husband have 3 sons; Dempsey in 5th grade, Pierce in 3rd, and Hudson in Kindergarten. Dani has been volunteering with the PTSA since Dempsey was in Kindergarten. Her favorite things to volunteer for are dance week and the fundraisers! The energy & excitement of the students is so powerful.

The Graham family loves being outdoors. Hiking, camping and building things together are their favorite memory builders. When Dani is not volunteering she is super busy growing flowers for her company Dig-It Flowers. She creates beautiful bouquets for our community. Dani says Stillwater is a pretty amazing school! She feels so blessed to be involved as much as she can and loves getting to know so many of the kiddos & parents!

Thank you, Dani, for all the things you have done for Stillwater and the PTSA. When you see Dani at our next event, make sure to congratulate her and thank her for all she does for Stillwater Elementary.

Here is what the ladies had to say when nominating Dani:
Uli Staerk:
Dani is always there and willing to help with everything. She is lead for the yearbook and co-lead for Photography, but also volunteers as an art docent and tries to set up our gardening program. Did I forget something? She recently started with getting a composting program up and running to reduce all the food waste from our cafeteria. And everything while volunteering in the classroom for her three kids, helping other volunteers in their endeavors and working on her own flower business, producing wonderful flowers! 🌺
At the same time she always spreads joy to everyone meeting with her and offers a smile to everyone!
Lisa Cardenas:
Dani does an amazing job creating our school yearbook!
Not only does she attend as many school events as possible taking photo after photo, but she then collects, sorts and chooses the best moments from all classrooms, holiday parties, school activities and PTSA events to showcase in the over 80 page book!
She puts in countless hours of her own time, energy and resources to create this beautiful keepsake that continues to set a new standard every year. It truly is a work of art and love. Thank you, Dani, for all that you do for our school!