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Meet the 2016-2017 Board

We have 18 wonderful board members ready to do their best to enhance the learning experience of all students at Stillwater. We would like to introduce you to our team! It’s going to be a great year!

2016 - 2017 PTSA Board (3)

Executive Board

My name is Jen Anderson and I am excited to be returning as co-president this year. I have two boys, Trevor, who I homeschool is in 5th grade and Cole is in 2nd grade at Stillwater. I enjoyed being part of the PTSA board last year and am happy that I get to do it again.

My name is Lindsey Tolson and I have a son in 3rd Grade and another son in 1st Grade. I joined the PTSA board in December of 2014 as co-treasurer and really enjoyed being involved in the activities at the school and the comradeship of the PTSA so I signed up to be co-president for the 2015-2016 school year. Last year was so wonderful and I am proud of the many accomplishments the PTSA had, so I was happy to be nominated to return for second term as co-president. I have a bachelors degree in Mathematics and I worked as an industrial engineering manager in Seattle for 7 years before leaving to project manage the Tolson household. My family moved to Duvall two years ago and we love this community!

Vice President:

My name is Jenn Anderson and I am very excited to be Stillwater’s PTSA Vice-President for the 2016-2017 school year.  I have two daughters at Stillwater.  Lauryn is in 5th grade and Kaitlyn is in 3rd grade.  I have a bachelor’s  degree in Accounting and work part time for the City of Duvall.  My husband and I have lived in Duvall for 15 years.  I really love our community and being involved at Stillwater, especially being present in my daughter’s classrooms.  Over the past 5 years at Stillwater, I have enjoyed volunteering at several PTSA events such as the Back to School BBQ, Dads and Donuts, Bingo Night, selling popcorn, field day and many more.  I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and working with all of the PTSA volunteers, Board members and Staff to enhance the educational experience to all students at Stillwater.


My name is Jessica Bie and I am returning as the Stillwater PTSA Co-Treasurer for the 2016-2017 school year. I have a son who in 3rd grade and a daughter in kindergarten. I have been doing bookkeeping and accounting work for the last 20 years and I am also on the board for the Enso Center.

My name is Mireille Bellemare and I was born in Quebec, the French speaking part of Canada.  I obtained my associate degree in Office Administration there prior to moving to Colorado where I married my college sweetheart.  I have previous business experience with small and large businesses.  I have been living in Duvall for over 10 years.  I now have 2 sons attending Stillwater Elementary: Samuel in 3rd Grade and Dominic in 5th Grade.


I’m Michelle Berens and I am the PTSA Secretary for the 2016-2017 school year.  My son Nick is in 2nd Grade and my daughter Audrey is in Kindergarten.  Being the co-membership chair and an art docent last year gave me a chance to be more involved with the Stillwater Community.  We have such a special school and I’m happy that I get to be a small part of that.

Non-Executive Board

My name is Cari Orme and I am helping out with PTSA Membership again this year.  I have a daughter, Olivia, in first grade and a son, Blake, in fifth grade.  I also have an eighth grader, Sophie, at Tolt Middle School.  I still remember her first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday–time moves so quickly!  I’m looking forward to another wonderful year at Stillwater.  It is a special place full of people who care and who want the best for our children.

My name is Jessica Coon and I am the co-chair for Membership this year for the PTSA. This is my 3rd year on the Board. My family and I have lived in Duvall for 12 years. I have two boys – Zach, who is a 3rd Grader and Alex, who just started at Tolt Middle School. I love being part of the Stillwater Elementary community and look forward to another great year here.


Hi, I’m Vicky Garcia, and I’m the Legislative Advocate.  I have been enjoying keeping track of legislative issue of interest to our kids. Hopefully this will be the year the State finally meets its obligations to fund our children’s education!  My daughter, Mackenzie, is looking forward to First Grade, and I can’t wait for another fun filled year at Stillwater!


Hi my name is Mindy Smith and I am the Outreach Chair. I have two children, Violet will be in 3rd grade and Declan will be a Kindergartener. I’m looking forward to serving on the PTSA board this year!


Hi, my name is Rebecca Manjarrez and I am Co-Communications chair again this year. I have one son,
Brenden in the 10th grade at Cedarcrest and one daughter, Aaliyah in 3rd grade here at Stillwater. We have been in the Riverview district since 2009 and I look forward to communicating with you all about our monthly events, compiling the directory and overall being a part of this amazing school.  Welcome back!Hi my name is Felicia Berg and I am Co Communications this year. My son is in 1st grade and this is his second year at Stillwater. I’m excited for my first year on the PTSA board, working with a wonderful team for our children.Fundraising:

Hi my name is Monique Linz and I am the Fundraising Chair.  This is my second year at Stillwater.  I have twin daughters in 1st grade, a son in preschool and a baby boy at home.  I’m a stay at home mom who wants to be involved with my kids education so I’ve stepped up to be part of the PTSA this year.


Hi, my name is Shelly Campbell and I have a son that is going into 6th grade at Tolt and a 3rd grader here at Stillwater named Allie. I am serving as the co-social chair with Stacy Reddy this year. I love school events so I am looking forward to working with Stacy and this awesome PTSA board.

My name is Stacy Reddy and this is my second year at Stillwater. I have a daughter in 4th grade, a son at Tolt in 6th grade and a daughter attending UW. Last year I enjoyed serving as a fundraising chair for the board and procuring items for our 1st silent auction. I am looking forwards to working with Shelly this year and helping plan some FUN social events!

Co-Special Projects:

My name is Jen Coffey, I have 2 daughters. Luna will be a first grader this year and Milly will begin her last year of preschool. I am looking forward to another year at Stillwater and being a part of the PTSA!!

My name is Dani Graham and I am looking forward to another great year at SWE.  I’ll be helping with both the yearbook and Popcorn days this year! I am the mom of Dempsey-4th grade, Pierce-2nd Grade, and Hudson that you may see as my sidekick!

Art Education:

My name is Lisa Cardenas and I am excited for another year as the Art Education Chairperson!  I have two boys:  Dylan is my oldest and is going into 4th grade and Tyler who is going into preschool.   I love the arts, and can’t wait to see what our Stillwater kids create!

Website Lead:

Ann Marie Gill here.  I have been keeping the Stillwater PTSA fresh with the latest info for the past 4 years now. Besides my 2 girls keeping me busy (Eva, 6th and Brooke 2nd), I run a small website design company that offers online solutions by building and maintaining websites, social media marketing, email marketing and hosting.  I have really enjoyed working with the PTSA over the years.  I have worked with many businesses and Stillwater’s PTSA is one of the most well-run organizations I’ve been a part of – such savvy, big-hearted parents that put their ALL into making the details of the school year’s events happen.