Stillwater Elementary PTA  2.16.24   •   Serving Duvall & Carnation, WA   •     Riverview School District

NEW EVENT for Stillwater – Running of the Balls at Duvall Days

Hosted by Stillwater Elementary PTSA, the Running of the Balls event at Duvall Days on June 3rd, is a fun raffle contest with many winners! Raffle tickets that match a numbered ball will be sold during the day until 2 pm at the Stillwater PTSA booth located near Red Pepper. We will also be preselling tickets at Stillwater the week before the event. At 3 pm, all the balls will be released on Stewart and roll down to a single collection point, the person who has the ticket that corresponds to the first ball that crosses the finish line will win a $500 cash prize. There will also be runner-up prizes donated by local businesses. Our principal, Jack Madigan and other staff members will be at our booth during the day (between 11 am and 2 pm) to play fun games with the kids, and we’ll be having a good ol’ fashioned PTSA bake sale so make sure you stop by!

Here are some pictures of this event from other organizations to give you a visual:


As seen above, we will be having a bake sale at our booth near Red Pepper on June 3rd, and we would GREATLY appreciate the help of our amazing Stillwater families to donate some baked goodies. Please click on the link below to sign-up to donate 2 dozen items – individually wrapped for sale.