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November 2017 Featured Volunteer of the Month: Krista Petrova!

Congratulations to our November PTSA Star Volunteer of the Month, Krista Petrova.  Krista was nominated by Karen Wright and Monique Linz and voted on by the Executive Board.  Here is what Karen had to say about Krista:

“Krista has been a great asset to the PTSA this year. With her help as the photography lead, she has taken a lot of stress off from the details involved with yearbook. She hasn’t limited herself to just helping out there. She is always ready to volunteer when needed or asks if there is anything she can do. She always has a smile on her face as she does it all. It has been a pleasure to have gotten to know her and I’m looking forward to working with her in the years ahead.”

And Monique:

“Krista is always happy to volunteer and be a part of both classroom events and PTSA events when needed. She’s a fantastic, hardworking volunteer.”

Krista and her family moved her a little over two years ago from Southern California and they absolutely love it here! She has two children at Stillwater, Viktor who is in 3rd grade and Andres in 2nd. Before she started volunteering she worked in the medical field for 20 years, but also studied music composition and classical voice. “I enjoyed performing and I’m hoping to get back into it locally. When the boys started school, I picked up sewing again which I learned as a child from my grandmothers. It makes me feel close to them. Another related hobby is rescuing and fixing up vintage sewing machines.” When she isn’t volunteering she enjoys being in nature, hiking and being on the water. She also enjoys being creative – whether through cooking, crafting, singing or sewing. She has recently started to teach her boys how to play the piano. “It fills me with such joy and pride to pass on the love of music to them.”

Krista often gets asked about her last name because it differs slightly from her husband and her boys. She says that’s because she adopted the Russian tradition where females use the feminine version of the surname. When asked what her favorite PTSA event to volunteer for Krista said, “There are so many great events but the ones that pop out the most are the Back-to-School BBQ as it has a wonderful sense of community, and giving back to the teachers and staff through Staff Appreciation Week.” If Krista had the opportunity to volunteer with anyone, she said she would love to volunteer with The Kilchers or Mr. and Mrs. Wranglestar as they would all be a lot of fun to volunteer with.

Thank you, Krista, for all that you do for Stillwater elementary! We’d also like to congratulate our other November nominee, Rachel DelCarmen.  If you would like to nominate a volunteer of the month, please go to our website