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November Featured Volunteer of the Month: Monique Linz

monicaCongratulations to our November PTSA Featured Volunteer of the Month, Monique Linz.  Monique was nominated by Lindsey Tolson and voted on by the Executive Board.

Here are a few things that Lindsey had to say about Monique:

“Monique did a fantastic job coordinating the Hop-a-Thon. It was her first large event as a new fundraising chair this year. She jumped in feet first and with a positive attitude. These donation-based fundraisers are a lot of extra work for us, but Monique and the team chose to do them because it keeps the profit at Stillwater. Monique spent hours perfecting her slime recipe and did a great job MC’ing the event the day of. Monique has also spent countless hours working on the raffle baskets, helping to make sure that we have quality baskets for the Turkey Bingo event. She created item suggestions for each class, and made an online sign-up, two things never tried before. Thank you Monique for all your hard work supporting the PTSA and ultimately the Stillwater community.”

Monique is a super busy mom of 4 beautiful children but still gives her time to volunteer for the PTSA. She has twins in first grade at Stillwater, a preschooler and one baby.  Not only does she volunteer at Stillwater but she also helps out at her son’s preschool.  She said, “I love volunteering for everything! I like being around the environment my children are growing up in.  It’s only hard when I still have two younger children to volunteer as much.”

When she is not volunteering, Monique enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and hanging out with friends.  Monique has grown up in Washington and has lived in Duvall for the past 5 years.  She loves Washington and our Seattle Seahawks. Before having kids, Monique spent several years working for Toyota dealerships as a Customer Relations Manager and a GM Assistant.

The next time you see Monique, make sure to thank her for all the things she has done for our PTSA.  Some of her favorite treats are Skittles (you can’t be a true Seahawks fan without loving Skittles), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Iced Double Tall Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.  If you are still at Stillwater in a few years, you may just see her in the role of PTSA President.

Congratulations to our other November nominees, Stacy Reddy & Shelly Campbell our awesome Co-Social Chairs, and Mitch Tolson & Eric Kratzer, AKA The Robot Guys.  If you would like to nominate a volunteer of the month, please fill out the form.