Playground is here!!! Thank you!!

Stillwater PTSA has BIG news! Last spring, after 4 years of fundraising and saving, we purchased a new playground for Stillwater. It was delivered over the summer with the intention of being installed before school started in the fall, but COVID-19 curtailed that plan. The third time was the charm, last Saturday (March 13th) was the 3rd scheduled install date we had, and it was a gloriously sunny day! So much better than the December date we had that was canceled. We can’t say thank you enough to the volunteers, our principal, and district staff who came out today to make this dream a reality. As you can see from these pics, assembling a new playground in 1 day was no easy feat. The district dissembled the old playground months ago and spent last week digging holes in preparation for Saturday. We understand the district has a couple of items to finish up on the install next week before it’s play ready. So, we might be jumping the gun with this post, but we are too excited not to share the news. Thank you, Riverview for the partnership in this grand project. This new playground is a great win for the community as the structure will be delighting kids in 98014 and 98019 for many years to come. We also want to thank the community for all the support. We know Stillwater kids over years knocked on doors or made phone calls asking for walk-a-thon and hop-a-thon donations, and community members answered those pleas. We also can’t forget our generous local businesses that made donations during these events sponsoring or staffs and students. Thank you to those Stillwater students and staff, past and present, who supported our fundraisers. Thank you to the countless PTSA volunteers who ran the fundraisers over the years and those who worked behind the scenes on the purchase of the playground. While those donation-based fundraisers we did pre COVID were a lot of work, they yielded high results because 100% of the profits stayed at the school thanks to LOTS of volunteer hours vs the use of a 3rd party platform that took a percentage. Hearts of gold all those volunteers have! And last but certainly not least, a big thank you to our principal and PE teacher, Mr. Madigan and Mr. H, for going above and beyond to allow us to have FUNdraising incentives that excited the kids. Pies to the face, being duct-taped to the wall, having mystery coolers dumped on their heads, playing family feud, raw eggs to the head, and slime war is just a sampling of the shenanigans. We couldn’t have raised those record-breaking numbers without you! Finally, we know our fellow PTSA’s are currently fundraising and saving for new playgrounds as well, so we ask the community to keep supporting your local PTSAs! It takes a village! Go Stillwater Hawks!!!

Playground Pictures:

FUNdraising Shenanigans: