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PTSA Award Recipients

Back in March we sent out nomination forms for the four PTSA sponsored awards: Outstanding Educator, Heart of the Hawk, Golden Acorn and Honorary Life Membership. We had over 43 total nominations turned in and the awards committee, consisting of executive board members, had a difficult job choosing the winners. Ultimately the number of nominations per person and content of nominations aided in the decision.

The Golden Acorn Award – Marsha Stanley

“The Golden Acorn award recipient has “never said no to a project and worked tirelessly to support the PTSA & kiddos.” As a member of the PTSA she has also served on the board in previous years. She’s probably most well known for her efforts in collecting and organizing the Box Tops program for Stillwater, which whenever we ask anyone how long she has been doing it, the answer we get is “for as long as I can remember.” Just over the last 5 years (as far back as our current accounting software goes) retail funds have generated over $14,000 of income to Stillwater. While some people might look at a juice pouches, printer cartridges or soda bottle caps as trash, she thinks of them as more funds for Stillwater, every penny counts! In addition to championing our retail funds, she has also helped coordinate the Veteran’s Day assembly and reception for many years in honor of her father. Thank you Marsha Staley, for everything you have done for the school and PTSA this year and all the many years before.”


Honorary Life Membership Awards – Pam Deming and Gayle Saunders

“The first honorary lifetime award recipient we want to recognize “has been a huge part of the Stillwater community” and qualifies for about every award given.” She was an integral part of developing the Art Docent Program, bringing personal items from home to get projects going.  A volunteer in the school and classrooms she’s also acted as a substitute EA for the Special Education Department. She ran and championed the very successful Back to School BBQ for many years and she has been ever so helpful to the board answering all the random questions this year…do you know who owns the silver TV in the Art Portable?  What is this line item on the budget supposed to be for? Did the PTSA used to go around and check on the red emergency backpacks? and on and on and on…You have left such an impact on this school and we want you to know we are all thankful for the trail you have blazed. Pam Deming, we thank you for your time and dedication to Stillwater and the PTSA.”


“The second honorary lifetime award recipient we want to recognize “has been so involved in so many aspects of Stillwater.” She has served in several different positions on the board and this year she stepped in as the Social Chair when we needed her most! She has also been a great advisor to this year’s very green board. She has been involved in the library scholastic book fair for many years and you automatically think her name when someone mentions planning a raffle. Tolt is lucky to have her next year and we can only imagine what she’ll do with their staff appreciation week planning. Thank you Gayle Saunders for being there for the PTSA and the community of Stillwater.”


Outstanding Educator Awards – Ellie Materi and Lynn Keefe

“The first recipient has a can-do attitude and always seems to be smiling.  She has had a positive impact on many Stillwater students and staff.  A few of the things taken from the nominations are….“She is a dedicated teacher who spends countless hours helping students and differentiating to meet individual needs in her classroom.  She has the perfect balance of warmth, firmness, and flexibility with her students.  She has been a solid rock of experience and organization during a year of transition for this grade’s teachers. We are incredibly thankful for her!”  Please join us in honoring Ellie Materi.”

“Teaching for many years, this recipient still shows a clear dedication and passion for teaching here at Stillwater.  Here is a summary of some of the wonderful things said about this recipient…..”My kid loves her. It’s obvious that she loves her job and her playful attitude makes her really connect with the kids!  She makes learning an engaging and fun experience, keeping the classroom going at a good pace, setting expectations and having fun. She is appreciated for always making parties and holidays special in her classroom. “  Please join me in honoring, the reigning queen of Egg Head, Lynn Keefe.”

Ellie and Lynn

Heart of the Heart Awards – Karie Cato and Sharon Nelson

“It’s hard to separate these 2 recipients, because they make such a great team.  They are the “face of Stillwater” to students, staff, parents and the community.  From setting a great first impression to those entering the school to keeping tabs on where everyone is at, these two work seamlessly to keep everyone informed and things running smoothly. They set a tone of kindness, caring and respect.  The kids know that they can go to either person with questions or for guidance on where to go or who to see.  Their patience and grace in handling the day to day going ons at Stillwater and doing so with a smile is amazing.  Please join me in honoring the dynamic duo of Karie Cato and Sharon Nelson.”

Karie and Sharon

CONGRATULATIONS to all the nominees and the award recipients!!

*Special Note*
With so many people nominated, we chose to give every nominee a card and pin with a note attached to the back that had some of the kind words from the nomination form.