Donuts with Grown-ups 2022!

Welcome to our virtual Donuts with Grown-ups event! Each day there is a different (completely optional) activity to participate in. Links to the daily activities are listed below. You can post your entries in the Stillwater PTSA Facebook event page, or if you would prefer to email them, you can send it to

Monday – Have your student draw a Self Portrait or Family Portrait!
Tuesday –
Have your student complete one (or more!) fact sheet! DWGU Fact Sheets
Wednesday – 
Play a game or share your favorite activity. Here is a fun Roll the Dice game! DWGU Roll the Dice
Thursday – Trivia! See how well you and your student know Stillwater Elementary! DWGU Trivia
Friday – Share a sweet treat. If your pre-ordered donuts, donut forget to pick them up! 2:30-4:00 @ Stillwater Elementary parking lot.

Each time you participate, your family will be entered into a drawing to win a prize! (Prizes include movie tickets, C.C. Espresso & Ice Creamery certificates, Starbucks gift cards, etc.) Winners of the drawing will be announced early next week.

If you purchased donuts during our pre-order window, don’t forget to swing through and pick up your donut order on Friday 6/10 from 2:30-4:00 at the Stillwater Elementary parking lot!

Here is the virtual event line-up for the week: