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June 8, 2017 General Membership Meeting Recap

On June 8, 2017 we had our final General Membership Meeting of the year.

We had over 20 members in attendance, thank you for coming out to support Stillwater and voting on the 3 motions presented.

We kicked the meeting off with a President’s Report covering some of the astounding results that the PTSA has had this year:

~We have ended the year with 293 members or a 25% increase over LY.
~The social team held 5 successful social events + several concession stands
~We held 8 free FACE event (family and community engagement): 2 Open Basketball Nights, 2 Zumba Nights, Multicultural Night (partnership with Stillwater), Dodgeball Night, Moms & Me and Dads & Donuts
~The students at Stillwater enjoyed 9 Popcorn Wednesdays!
~All 5 fundraisers (Hop-a-Thon, Raffle Baskets, Stillwater Experience Silent Auction, Hawk Walk and Running of the Balls) were successful and raised just over $45,000 at only 9% cost (hiring a company to run a fundraiser for you will cost 40+%)
~With the addition of the spring grant season (see below), we gave over $34,000 directly to Stillwater! These funds went to the fall and spring grant season (over $20,000) plus PE/Library/PE Enrichment, Field Trips, Field Day, Classroom Gifts, Playground Equipment, All Arts Day and Multicultural Night
~The PTSA Art Docent Program completed over 90 Art Docent lessons!
~We created the popular yearbook and student directories
~And all of the above was made possible by the over 100 volunteers (not including staff members) that helped us out this year!

Next we voted on the 3 motions presented, and all passed.

1) Motion 1 – Increasing the “Teacher & School Grants” line item of the budget by $8,203.19, so that a total of $14,203.19* can be awarded to Stillwater for the spring grant season.
*We received over $16,000 in grant requests for the spring season, but had to push a few to the winter 2017 grant season due to funding restrictions. There were 6 grants approved that totaled $14,203.19: book bins for all classrooms to accommodate the new reading curriculum next year, leveled books for kindergarten and first grade, add-on and read-aloud books for first grade, new tables for 3rd grade to replace all desks, 75 new mathboards for third grade, 2 iPad Air and OSMOS systems for Mrs. Heinson’s class (she will pilot for 3rd grade)

2) Motion 2 – Adopting the 4 proposed changes to our Standing Rules

3) Motion 3 – Approving the PRELIMINARY 2017-2018 PTSA Budget that was presented. The preliminary budget can be found on our website:

Mr. Madigan gave us a Principal’s Update, he spoke about Stillwater’s core covenants and OPSI’s best practices aligning plus the process for classroom placements which was underway.

We provided a Training Review which covered Convention that was held at SeaTac this year on April 28-30. Convention is a weekend long training opportunity provided by Washington State PTA. We had 7 board members attend, they took over 25 training classes and attended 4 general sessions. They also attended the President’s Reception where they received 4 Standards of Excellence Awards (these are currently on display in the front entrance of the school).

We have several Lead Volunteer Opportunities for next year still available, the current Org Chart was passed around and anyone interested was encouraged to speak to the president. June 8 2017 Org Chart

Shelly Campbell, the incoming president for the 2017-2018 school year introduced herself.

And we ended the meeting with some important dates for the fall:
Nuts & Bolts, August 31st 4:30-6:30 PM
Meet the Teacher, August 31st 5:00-6:00 PM
1st Day of School, September 5th
PTSA Powered Back to School BBQ, September 22nd
September General Membership Meeting, September 28th at 2 pm**

**We shared that based on parent feedback regarding difficulties attending daytime general meetings that we would be moving half of our general membership meetings next year to the evening (there is also parent feedback that some cannot attend evening meetings). September and March will be daytime meetings like this year and December and June will be evening meetings.

You can find General Membership Meeting notes on our website: