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May Featured Volunteer of the Month: Carmen Love

Congratulations to our May Featured
Volunteer of the Month Carmen Love



Carmen was nominated by Lindsey Tolson and voted on by the Executive PTSA board as our May Featured Volunteer of the Month!
Carmen and her husband Nick live in Carnation and have 2 children, Colson Alexander and Athea Loren.
Colson is almost 9 years old in 3rd grade and Athea is 7 years old in 1st grade.
I got to ask her some questions to get to know her a little better. Below are some of her answers. 🙂

What do you like to do with your family?
“We love to watch movies, play in the yard with our 2 dogs and 6 goats, we look forward to playdates and BBQ’s with friends, come summer we will do our best to get to a lake or swim with friends in their pool. We love to get out, visit with others, play games and enjoy every minute! :)”
How long have you been volunteering at Stillwater?
“I started volunteering when Colson was in Kindergarten, but it was so hit and miss with my work schedule that I was only able to help with a few things. Then in 2016 I quit my full-time job and started volunteering for everything I could get my hands on Lol. I also applied for a substitute certificate, so I could help out the teachers.”
When you are not volunteering, what do you enjoy doing?
“Going to coffee with friends, going to lunch with friends, getting the house cleaned hahahaha, playing in the yard with the cute goats, and working on projects.”
Do you have a non-volunteer job that you get paid to do?
“I work for R+F as a consultant, it’s a skin care company. I also recently signed on with Doterra! I love those oils! They have saved my life so many times.”
What is your favorite treat?
“My favorite treat is hard, cause if its chocolate its def a Hershey’s bar, and if its candy its def sweet and sour large chewable Sweet Tarts! Nothing beats those things!”
“These last 2 years have been so amazing and eye opening. I have enjoyed helping at the school and learning more about our children’s academics and their school environment, and volunteering at all the awesome events the PTSA puts on. I am so thankful we have such a fantastic PTSA, and I encourage everyone to join and be a part of this amazing community of parents! Thank you kindly for this nomination, I appreciate it and feel very blessed, and I share it with all of those who make a difference at every event!”
Here is what Lindsey Tolson and the Board had to say about Carmen: Carmen is an amazing volunteer and Stillwater is lucky to have her. She came into the PTSA this year excited to help and has made a huge impact. Carmen is our membership chair and her warm, outgoing and positive attitude made her a perfect fit for the role. She has worked hard to reinvent our membership process and campaigns and never gives up to hit that goal. In addition to overseeing membership, Carmen volunteers are almost every other PTSA event and activity we have, from volunteering to demonstrate Egg Head at lunchtime or judging our talent show tryouts. Thank you Carmen!