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Running of the Balls!

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The Running of the Balls event at Duvall Days is a fun raffle contest with many winners! And for the second time, it’s going to be powered by Stillwater Elementary PTSA!!! Raffle tickets that match a numbered ball will be sold until 2 pm on June 2nd at the Stillwater PTSA booth located near Red Pepper (they will also be sold leading up to the event on the following dates/times: Purchase tickets outside Stillwater Elementary on May 25th after school AND outside Safeway on Saturday the 26th from 11am-1pm!). Tickets cost $5 for 1 ticket or $20 for 5 tickets. On June 2nd at 3 pm, all the balls will be released on Stewart St. and roll down to a single collection point, the person who has the ticket that corresponds to the first ball that crosses the finish line will win a $500 cash prize. In addition, there are several runner-up prizes donated by local businesses. The second ball to cross the finish line will win the 2nd Place Prize, the third ball to cross the finish line will win the 3rd Place Prize, and so on. Please note that if at any time there is a jam of balls at the finish line, a stick will be used to break the jam. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN, any winner that is not present at the ball release will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange pick-up of their prize.  See our pictures from last year below.

A special thanks goes out to our sponsors for the upcoming Running of the Balls event!

See you all at Duvall Days!


Video from 2017