Nominating Committee Update – Executive Board Search

Every winter, Stillwater PTSA elects a nominating committee at a general membership meeting. The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and recruit the most qualified candidates for the PTSA executive board. The executive board consists of 4 roles: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. This years nominating committee consists of Lori Rush, Kirsten Lewis and Chelsea Krause.

Below are brief job outlines for each of the Executive Board Positions. Full job descriptions can be found on our website:

1. President: The President is the PTSA liaison to the school. The President meets and coordinates with the school administration, attends PTSA leadership meetings and presides over all PTSA meetings. The President is kept abreast of all PTSA related activities, attending various committee meetings.
2. Vice President: The Vice President assists the President as needed. They work closely together and determine the best way to split up committee oversight duties.
3. Secretary: The Secretary records the minutes at meetings and maintains PTSA records, as well as keeping the PTSA itself organized.
4. Treasurer: The Treasurer prepares financial statements, manages cash inflows and outflows, and handles other financial matters.

To apply for any of these positions, please fill out the attached recommendation form* and submit it to the nominating committee by March 8th. Someone from the nominating committee will contact you after your recommendation form is received. If you are interested in being more involved in the PTSA but not at the executive level, we will begin recruiting for our leadership team in a few months. And at our April General Membership meeting when the new officers are elected, we’ll have more information on open leadership team spots for next year.

Contact information for each nominating committee member can be found on the attached recommendation form.

Thank you,

SW PTSA Nominating Committee
*Here is the recommendation form in Word if you prefer to type and email the form versus print and take a picture