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November SUPER Volunteer of the Month: Ann Marie Gill

Ann Marie was nominated by Shelly Campbell and Lindsey Tolson and voted on by the Stillwater PTSA Board of Directors. Here is what Shelly and Lindsey had to say about Ann Marie.

Shelly: “Ann Marie Gill is a super behind the scenes volunteer that is irreplaceable!! She is a busy business owner that makes time to run our amazing website and keeps it up-to-date as needed. She also volunteers when she can to help our events run smooth! Ann Marie is a Rockstar volunteer and deserves to be our Volunteer of the Month!! Thank you so much Ann Marie!”

Lindsey: “There aren’t enough words for me to describe just how truly blessed we are to have Ann Marie Gill from Cascade Valley Designs sharing her webmaster talents with our school. Stillwater PTSA has an award winning website thanks to Ann Marie’s volunteer efforts and our website is a large factor in our successful communications strategy. Ann Marie has been our website guru since before my time and I’ve always joked that I don’t want to be PTSA’ing anymore if Ann Marie isn’t there behind the scenes. The website is so integral in everything we do!!! Most recently Ann Marie built the Hop-a-Thon page on our website to help drive our fundraising results. Online donations accounted for over $11,000 during our Hop-a-Thon and that would not have been possible without Ann Marie’s volunteer time. Thank you Ann Marie for your many years of service, we couldn’t do it without you and please don’t ever leave!!! 🙂 🙂 :)”

Ann Marie and her husband, Marshall, have two daughters, Brooke (4th grade) and Eva (8th grade). Ann Marie has been volunteering at Stillwater for 9 years and her favorite volunteer activity is volunteering in the classroom. Ann Marie says that “this year I am working with the same small group of kids in Dr. F’s 4th grade class with reading and math. It is so nice to really get to know these kids, form a connection and watch their skills grow each time I work with them.” When she isn’t busy volunteering or running her business, Cascade Valley Designs, she enjoys walking her dog Daisy around Lake Marcel, watching movies or cooking. Her family also enjoys traveling as much as possible, her favorite travel destination so far is Alaska, she spent 4 summers up there in Southeast Alaska.

When we asked Ann Marie why she volunteers she said, “volunteering is very fulfilling, especially at Stillwater. Sometimes my volunteering is more behind the scenes but it is very gratifying to help the PTSA raise money and give back to a school that has been a very positive part of our family for so long.” Ann Marie doesn’t only volunteer for Stillwater, she gives her time to several other organizations in our community: Duvall Chamber of Commerce, Duvall Days, Duvall Random Acts of Kindness, Riverview Education Foundation and the Snoqualmie Women in Business. In regards to her MANY volunteer contributions, Ann Marie says “it brings me a lot of satisfaction giving back to a community that I love so much.”

Our valley is truly lucky to have her support, thank you Ann Marie! Congratulations on your WELL DESERVED nomination and win!

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