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October SUPER Volunteer of the Month: Zoe Anderson

Zoe was nominated by Brooke Cheney and Carmen Love and voted on by the PTSA Board of Directors. Here is what Brooke and Carmen had to say about Zoe:

Brooke – “Zoe is a constant volunteer at Stillwater Elementary. She does so much in the classroom and in her creative writing class. She also does a lot of undercover work, helping those in positions.”

Carmen – “Zoe Anderson has been helping contribute to and support Stillwater Elementary for 5 years. Her oldest in 4th grade and her youngest in 2nd. She is a go getter and she is passionate about our kids experience, education and time at Stillwater. From early on she has been in the classrooms volunteering, taking on the holiday parties for both kids, Art Docent, extra help with Math and Reading, she coordinated the volunteer schedule for most of her kids teachers…by the way, thats one of the most daunting tasks ever! Lol. She gives Stillwater all her extra free time while juggling a full time job. She is there some days from start to finish. She volunteers at the school and PTSA events, she is always asking not only her kids teachers but others as well if theres anything they need. She is a vital part of the Stillwater community and I couldn’t be happier to call her my friend! :)”

Zoe and her husband, Derek, have two children, Tyler (4th grade) and Dylan (2nd grade). She has been a frequent volunteer at Stillwater for 5 years now, starting when Tyler was in kindergarten. She volunteers so much she made her own reusable volunteer badge out of the yellow visitor stickers, so smart! She really enjoys volunteering in the classroom, she said that its “such an amazing view of a day in the life and a great glimpse of how the kids interact with each other and the teachers.”

When Zoe isn’t at work or at the school volunteering she can be found reading or reading or doing some more reading. 😊 Zoe says she loves to read Young Adult books because she knows her kids will be reading them soon. If you have met Zoe, chances are you have noticed her love of Superheros and Star Wars, so we had to ask since the theme of Stillwater this year is Superheros, who is her favorite superhero??? Can you guess? It is Princess Diana of Themyscira, aka WONDER WOMAN!!!

Another question we like to ask all of our amazing volunteers is why do you volunteer? “It has been an such a blessing being a part of the Stillwater community. Volunteering allows me the opportunity to give back and help those already working so hard to teach our squirrels. And it’s given me a chance to get to know all the kids in a way I’d never have otherwise.” Zoe also wanted to share this with everyone, “thank you for sharing your amazing kids with me! Volunteering is such a gift! Whether I’m in the classrooms during the day or teaching Creative Writing after school, I often leave thinking I got as much out of the experience as they did. So much fun!! :)”

Congratulations Zoe and thank you for your dedication to the Stillwater community!!!

We also want to recognize another SUPER volunteer, Chelsea Krause who was nominated by Rachel DelCarmen. Thank you Chelsea for all you do for Stillwater.

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